Billy & the Lost Balloons

Picture in your mind, Calliope and Steel Guitar, it could work, right? How about this artwork? Maybe the cover to a new subgenre of Country & Western music called Country Clown. (Moe Bandy -ish) Don’t get me wrong, I love Country music! Recently I was turned onto Mike and the Moonpie’s by my nephew. “Cheap Silver and Solid Country Gold, anyone”? Killer Country from Austin, TX. In addition I really enjoy the sounds of Sturgill Simpson. I would love to make a full length animated video for his song “ Turtles All The Way Down” from his second album called “Metamodern Sounds in Country Music”. It’s sounds like Waylon Jennings singing about alien’s, no doubt. It makes me happy to see a new generation of Country Musicians having fun and doing it right by being as real as possible. So maybe my Country Clown may not make it but the truth of country music is indeed out there and alive. Now help me catch my lost balloons!