Black Coffee Cola

Francis Bebey’s 1982 African Folk classic The Coffee Cola Song.

Some days I stop and wonder, (actually I am a daydreamer by nature and wonder a lot) how did I get here?

The end first, (Tarantino style) Polo&Pan (French DJ’s) have a “In the tour bus” playlist on Spotify. I clicked it and it clicked. On “The Coffee Cola Song by Francis Bebey” I hear a kalimba and instantly I’m hooked.

Rewind to the start. It was a Sunday afternoon in 2016. My new found Francophile alter ego was just starting up. (Thanks Apple Music has many french language playlist. I started listening and was home. While I know very few French words and phrases, French music like all music is universal. Canopée by Polo&Pan was one of my first favorites. So much so I now own the French import vinyl of Caravelle. One step further, Marisa and I went to the Polo&Pan tour in Dallas last year. The experience was amazing. GTS

It is always interesting to me to see artist I admire and get a small inside on their influence. You can hear a kalimba on the track no.7 “Bakara” from the 2018 deluxe version of Caravelle. I believe this song may be a direct descendant of the Coffee Cola Song.