Blue Tiger

International Tiger Day – 2020

When my son was little bitty, I was not working and spent a lot of time with him. It was amazing! We often went to the Fort Worth Zoo. One morning we got to the zoo right at opening. It was a cold January morning ghost town. Naturally big H wanted to see the big cats. We ran to see them. As I think about it now, I can still hear him giggling as he ran away from me. It must have been a game of chase. If you know the Zoo, it is a network of winding paths. As we were running around the path up, something stopped and stunned us. In the large viewing window was a white tiger. I imagine she was as cold as we were. Those sapphire blue eyes looked us over for sure. Big H ran up face to face. He was less that six inches away with only the window between. Breath taking moment for many reasons. When Big H started to move on I grabbed a quick portrait. The art you see in this post was made from that photo.

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