Louisiana Pizza Parrot

Acme Oyster House in Baton Rouge around 1997 (or was it in the French Quarter?) is where I met Bobby. Does it seem like every male of a certain age, in Louisiana, has the name Bobby or Robert? Named Robert but called Bobby. Any way, I had just got my Po’boy delivered to the patio table. A switch must have flipped and Bobby, who I didn’t know and had not ever met, leaned back from the table in front of me to introduce himself. He apologized for interrupting and immediately started warning me to watch my food close. Stiff and staring, I whispered out, why? He said laughing, You have to watch out for pizza parrots! What? Pizza Parrots? Yes Siree Bob. (I swear he said that.) According to my very scientific friend, Acme was the new target of these parrots. All cause the local Pizza Hut got shut down for a code violation. It was a brief conversation with Bobby. He stood up to walk out, smiled at me and said, Good luck buddy. Confused, I replied, Appreciate it Bobby.

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