An amalgamation morning is happening. First I have to tell you I live by a dog park. Most mornings I don’t need an alarm. Those dogs are loud. Then I have to tell you I love french music. The rarest diamonds are when the Russians cover the French or vis versa. Give me some French/Russian remixes and we can be best friends. Two examples: Лето без интернета (Summer without Internet – Mumiy Troll – June 2020) has a remix with Paupière (Summer 89). Are you still with me? Summer without Internet is a great album for many reasons but that Paupière track scratches the itch. Then there is the personal favorite track Jazz et thé vert (La Boulangerie, vol.3, track 13 – December 2014) by French musicians Souleance. They mix in old (folk/classical?) Russian vinyl. It is magical. All this reminds me about pit bulls. Pitbulls are cool when you find the right one. More coffee please.

P.S. If you find any Russian diamonds send them to me. Спасибо

Find them on insta: @mumiytroll @paupieremusic @souleance

Pitbull stickers here: Society6/Chickenbilly/Stickers