One of my earliest memories is the comics section of the Marshall News Messenger Newspaper. If I close my eyes, I can still see myself at my grandparent’s house in Waskom, TX, (side note – Waskom is a Dutch word which means wash basin or in modern terms bathroom sink.) where we would all meet for Sunday lunch. A ritual after lunch was to take turns reading the newspaper (Oldschool Internet). In the comics section at the bottom were two panels. It was a spot the difference game. I believe this is where I got my eyes. Over the years I played this game in doctors and dentists offices reading Highlights magazine. I want to say even Mad magazine had a few occasions. (Thanks Kroger for letting me read and look because momma said no!) As an adult it is a pretty handy skill. Before Covid (B.C. indeed) I would go into thrift stores and ramble. It is a pastime I hope to always enjoy, spot the difference.

Speaking of appreciating differences, it is what makes us all interesting. (Please stay weird) All my heroes and obsessions have always been different. The people and things that get my attention are purple nickels in a pile. The troubadours, midnight riders, gamblers and risk takers are a few. Those that move to their own convictions. When I grow up, I want to be a professional rambler on team purple nickel.