Spyder James 1974

Who is Spider James?

It was my question when I was standing inside the Louisville Slugger factory on west main in Louisville, KY, a few blocks from the Ohio River. (Worlds largest baseball bat out front.)

The small rectangle plaque read “Spider” James 1974. It was one of hundreds maybe thousands on a wall in the main lobby just like it but with names like Reggie Jackson, Cal Ripken and George Brett. Correct me if I’m wrong but to have your name on that specific wall you would have had to sign a professional contract with Louisville Slugger. That means to me you are/were somebody in Major League Baseball. So why has no one ever heard of Spider James?

Can ESPN do a 30 for 30 and tell us a story, please. With a nickname like Spider there has to be something there.

Art James in 1975
Art James Stats for 1975 from www.baseball-reference.com