Tanzanian Lion

Tanzanian lion of the Serengeti.

My first lion drawing was for a friend who was a Henderson High School (Texas) graduate. Of course the mascot is a lion. Later I used that same piece of art for a gigposter and the rest is history. It ended up in art books, in a calendar (my wife is a Leo so it was extra fun to see it represent July). It even ended up on the cover of a high school annual in Tucson, Arizona (They were cool and sent me a copy). In the end it (the artwork) was lifted online many times. I guess that when you know it is good. Emulation is the biggest flattery. Iā€™m not even mad. All this to say that lion grew up and moved out of my house. I thought it was time to make a new lion. I present the Tanzanian Lion. Created in the summer of 2019, it is now ready to take its own journey.

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