Try and Listen

Last night I caught the first hour of The Dock Book Shop’s Instagram broadcast of Open Mic Night. @dockopenmic This event is usually local (Pre-Covid) to Fort Worth, Texas. I have not attended a show since summer 2016. Curiosity got to me after finding out they were online and I had to watch. There is no substitute for being in person at The Dock but being online is interesting with all the national talent. 

Over the years I have witnessed some amazing speakers and poets at the Dock Book Shop. Hands down the most amazing thing I have ever experienced was seeing, listening to and talking with Abiodun Oyewole of The Last Poets. For me he is right up there with Gil-Scott Heron. Oyewole is a legend. 

@sinspokenword or SIN is co-host of Dock Open Mic and a regular of the spoken word and poet scene of Fort Worth. In just a short time I listened to @wordplaybydeem @therealmalikcruz @pageofasage @mamamyst @color_me_cookie all were amazing and a breath of fresh air. [at]mamamyst got me with her My Shoulders Matter poem. I loved it! 

I highly encourage you to try and listen to next weeks broadcast. Tuesday at 8pm @dockopenmic on Instagram. I promise if you are patient, there is something for everyone.